Elementary School Newsletter – December 3, 2020

UMCA High School Chess Tournament Vaughan Ontario

Dear Students and Parents,

Winter Lights Car Drive Through

We wish to remind you that the Chekhter family is inviting all our students, their families, teachers, and staff to the Winter Lights Car Drive Through at Improve Centre parking lot, free of charge, on this Friday, December 4th from 4:00pm – 7:00pm. Complimentary hot chocolate for the students is waiting inside. We also recommend the thin Italian pizza and coffee they sell. Please find the invitation attached.

Early Bird Registration

We are happy to announce that the early bird registration for the 2021-22 school year has begun! Hurry up and register to reserve your spot and enjoy reduced price. Please follow this link https://reg.umca.app/ or go to our website umca.ca and choose the registration form relevant to your child (elementary school registration for students grades 1-7, high school registration for Grade 8).

The Week of December 14-18

It is the UMCA tradition to have the last week before Winter Break be a fun week. All teachers will not teach new material but will dedicate their class to fun and educational activities related to their subject. Therefore, if you are going on vacation you can rest assured that your child is not going to miss any new material. Please be reminded that if you leave the country you must quarantine for 14 days upon return to Canada.

Money Matters Class

In the past few weeks, our grades 6-8 enjoyed the enriching extracurricular class “Money Matters”. They learned how to manage their saving, what “good credit” means, and how to invest their money. This coming Monday is their last class in this session (this is the first part of the session. After the holidays we will continue with the second part), and we kindly ask parents not to pick them up before 4:30pm.

Being Punctual

As parents, your children look up to you and follow your behavior. Using proper language, kindness, and respect is the right example you want to give your children. Being punctual is a quality that shows respect, time management, and organizational skills. Unfortunately, we have students who constantly come late to class. This not only shows disrespect to the teacher, but also interrupts the lesson, distract the teacher and students, and makes the student miss an important part of the class. As most of the students depend on their parents for their commute to school, we kindly ask YOU the parents, please, give your child a good example. Show your child how important it is to be punctual, and not be late to school. Work with us to implement good life habits that will serve your children in their lives for many years ahead.


We kindly ask you not to send students with candies to school as they tend to share them. We have students with allergies and therefore sharing of this kind is not allowed.

Extra Clothes

We already had our first snow, and the kids love it! Weather permitting, we go out every day to play outside and breath fresh air. Please send your child dressed up for the weather. Make sure they have their outdoor boots, snow pants/splash pants, hat and gloves. With the younger grades, having an extra set of clothes (especially socks and pants) would be very useful.

Chess Tournament

In the past week, our school looked like a scene out of Queen’s Gambit. All students sitting over Chess boards concentrating on their next move. Today, we will have the final round. In two weeks, the winners will play against our teachers. So, stay tuned for news about the winners!


To enjoy pictures taken at school we invite you to follow us on FaceBook and Instagram.

Please follow these links to enjoy pictures taken in the past week:

Yoga Class – https://photos.app.goo.gl/Pk8m3gjF7BirF8ZP9

Chess Tournament – https://photos.app.goo.gl/mq3XM2g31q6ddpuu6

Design Class – https://photos.app.goo.gl/5JFpjY8i7Uni3MZ2A

Science Class Grade 6 – https://photos.app.goo.gl/79prDFSR4YbVUV7aA

Science Class Grade 4 Studying Reflection – https://photos.app.goo.gl/YMN6ChgGjScZvjvdA

Science Class Grade 3 Studying Balanced Structures – https://photos.app.goo.gl/dwLJ6ryhWoeBDuQDA

Thank you

UMCA has many followers on social media, and this week one of our posts generated so many wonderful replies from parents, it really overwhelmed us with joy! It is always nice to hear a good word and know that all our hard work is being appreciated. Thank you, dear parents, for your kind messages!

We wanted to share with you some of the comments:

“my kids are in UMCA in SK and Grade 3, They are delighted. And I am glad that they are comprehensively developing, eating deliciously, surrounded by attention and care”

“We are very pleased with this wonderful school! Attentive, kind, conscientious teachers, and the whole school’s staff. Thank you UMCA”

“this is the best school for my kids since JK! Thank you for everything!”

“We are very happy that this year we came to you in Grade 4. I regret not doing this sooner”

“I moved my girls here from public school. I am so happy I moved them. What an amazing school!”

“The best school with the best teachers team! My kiddos and us love you!”

“We have moved our 3 kids this year to UMCA from public schools and it was the best decision ever! I’m very happy with the curriculum and how the kids are progressing. UMCA has become the second home for our kids. I would definitely recommend this school. Thank you UMCA!”

“Very good school. I recommend to everyone”

“Home from home. We love you UMCA”

“Amazing school, amazing staff”

“I miss the School”

“The best school”

UMCA wishes you all a wonderful weekend!

Take A Tour

We welcome your child and you to take a tour of our school to experience first-hand the sense of community, the enthusiasm and involvement of our students in learning, and the dedication of our teaching team.

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Thanks for checking in.