Elementary School Newsletter – February 17, 2022

Dear Students and Parents,

Spelling Bee 

We are happy to announce the winners of today’s Spelling Bee Competition:

Grade 5 winners: 

1st Place: Raymond Shulga

2nd Place: Connor Cargill

3rd Place: Yoav Tyvrovski

Grade 6 winners: 

1st Place: Zoe Pigida

2nd Place: Adam Gladenkov

3rd Place: Michele Naftolin

Well done everyone!

Anti-Bullying Day

On February 23 we will have Anti Bullying Day. Anti-Bullying Day is an annual event, held in Canada and other parts of the world, where people wear a pink-coloured shirt to stand against bullying. Please come dressed up in pink.

Russian Show Filming 

We will film our students Russian Performance on February 23, and March 4. We ask parents help with helping students memorizing their lines. 

Lori’s Drama recording will be on February 24.

Indoor Skating for Grades 2, 3, 4

Please be reminded that tomorrow, February 18, grades 2, 3, 4 will have indoor recreational skating. Their skating time is booked for after lunch, (morning classes run as usual) and they will be back by 4:00pm. Please note that this is not a skating lesson, and students must bring their own skates with them, as there is no renting on site. 

The location of the ice rink is 130 Racco Parkway. We will provide transportation from school, and back to school.

Please make sure your child will bring to school their skates, helmets, snow pants, gloves, and hats. Students who do not go skating will stay in school.

Highlands Nordic Ski Trip

The trip our students have been waiting for is happening! Our students are going to Highlands Nordic for a cross country ski trip!

Please see below the dates for your child’s class day:

February 25, grades 6 and 7

March 4, grades 4 and 5

March 11 Grade 8 and 9

If your child is not going, please email office@umca.ca. There are no classes on this day for students who are not attending the trip. Regular schedule for classes who don’t have a trip day.

Please arrive not later than 9:00am, as we will not wait for late students.

What to Bring? 

The equipment and a Hot Chocolate will be provided.

Bring lunch and snack as the cafeteria will be closed and there will be no option to purchase food.

Wear a jacket that is waterproof and proper for ski (not a fabric jacket that might get wet). Dressing up in layers is recommended.

Waterproof gloves (no wool/fabric gloves)

Neck warmer (no scarf)

A hat

Waterproof boots.

Extra socks (very important!) 

Please label EVERYTHING as kids tend to lose stuff.

We will be back around 5:00pm (please don’t call the school to check if we arrived, we leave the resort at 3:00pm and arrival time depends on traffic).

Victoria Prooday Workshop

Last week we were happy to host a session with Victoria Prooday, and we thank all the parents who joined us for this workshop. For those who couldn’t attend, here is a short summary of what she covered in her lecture,  also attached slides that outline the benefits of family meals and a slide with conversation cards.

Connect in the world of disconnect
– In today’s world, we are isolated and disconnected
– It has a major impact on kids’ and adults’ mental health
– Many escape to an artificial reality to cope with daily stress
– Technology overuse becomes a major source of conflict in many families
– Victoria suggests having a daily technology-free time for the whole family to unplug from screens and reconnect with family
– Victoria suggests having a technology-free time structured around dinner time
as having daily family meals has many benefits for the whole family
– Where to start?
#1. Have a schedule for a daily family tech free time (ex.6-7 pm)
#2. Make a designated storage place for all gadgets during the tech-free
 family time
#3. Make it a team effort – involve kids in setting a table, cooking, clearing the table, putting plates in a dishwasher
#4. Make it a positive experience – play nice music, light up candles, play fun dinnertime games. Avoid talking about unfinished HW, poor grades, and not made beds. You want to bring positivity to the table!
Make it your family priority! Families that eat together, stay together!

Long Weekend 

Please note that the school will be closed on Monday, February 21, due to Family Day long weekend.

March Break

March Break dates are March 14-18. During this week UMCA will run a complimentary March Camp for its students. We will have fun educational activities. Attendance is optional.

UMCA French Club (SK – Grade 2) 

This program, taught by our amazing Mme. Zahra, aims to provide your child (SK – Grade 2) with a fun, effective, and challenging way to learn French at an early age. At UMCA, we believe exposure to a second language should begin as early as possible, as language integration is easier during the formative years.

Our “Petit Prince” group was created for students from Senior Kindergarten – Grade 2 as an addition to what is covered at UMCA. This program will run from Feb 13th to May 1st!

Each Sunday, our students will enjoy French lessons in small groups (maximum of 5 students per class). They will acquire basic vocabulary and improve upon what is focused in class. We will introduce songs, arts and crafts, communicative and educative games, video and hands-on activities as an integral part of each lesson.

10 sessions for $700

French club link: : https://umca.ca/frenchclub/

French club registration: https://umcaregistration.ca/french-club/

Summer Camp Registration 2022 is live! 

We are excited to let you know that the registration for our Summer Camp has opened! We are planning a Q & A later on this month for parents to ask questions regarding the Summer Camp.

camp registration link : https://umcaregistration.ca/summercamp/

camp page: https://umca.ca/summer-camp/

2022-2023 School Year Registration

If you didn’t register yet for the next school year, we encourage you to do so ASAP (please note that the registration doesn’t automatically renew every school year, and you need to fill out the online registration every new school year).

We have only a few spots available for each class, and classes are filling up faster than we anticipated. Without registering, your spot can not be guaranteed.

To register please follow this link: UMCA Rich Tree Academy – UMCA Rich Tree Academy (umcaregistration.ca)

Take A Tour

We welcome your child and you to take a tour of our school to experience first-hand the sense of community, the enthusiasm and involvement of our students in learning, and the dedication of our teaching team.

International Programs

Coming Soon..

Thanks for checking in.