Elementary School Newsletter - October 15, 2020


Dear Students and Parents, 

Twin Day 

Please be reminded that tomorrow, Friday, October 16th, is “Twin Day”.  For those who are new to school, Twin Day is a fun day when kids dress up identically. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we ask you to team up with students from your class and not from other classes. There is no limit to creativity, and the most creative twins will be the winners.  

Teachers Sending Personal Comments 

We believe that communication between teachers and parents is extremely important. Teachers will be sending messages to parents through the Moodle, therefore, it is essential that parents will check the Moodle at least once a week. To check the Moodle you need to ask your child for their username and password. If there are messagesonce you log in, you will see at the very top bar on the message icon a number in red. When you click on that icon it will open a window with all the messages that were sent. You can also reply to the teacher from the Moodle. Visiting the Moodle when checking for messages is a great opportunity to check what each teacher posted on his subject page, and check with your child if he did all his homework. 

Sign Out Sheet 

For safety reasons, we implemented as of last week a new procedure in which every student picked up before 5pm must be signed out. The parent who comes for the student must fill up the sign out sheet and sign it. Please be ready to show an ID if required to do so. Students will not be allowed to leave the school premises without a parent’s signature. 

Pumpkin Decoration 

As of next week, we ask all students to bring a small - medium size pumpkin to school as all students will be working on a pumpkin decoration during Art class. (Please label your pumpkin).  

Halloween Party 

Get ready to celebrate with us on October 30 the holiday all kids love – Halloween!  So come wearing your costume and let’s celebrate! We will also take pictures of all the students with their costumes, so smile 😊 We kindly ask you to come with costumes which have no weapons and avoid cultural costumes. Please note that protective masks still need to be worn by grades 4 and up. The celebration will be in the classroom. 

Our New Teachers 

This week we are happy to introduce two new teachers who joined UMCA this September: Mr. Yakov Keimakh, and Mr. Michael Uccello, our Sport teacher: 

Mr. Yakov Keimakh our Learning Support Teacher 

Mr. Yakov has a Ph.D in Educational and Child Psychology and he worked in a number of secondary schools and senior kindergartens as a Child Psychologist; specialized in working with students with different kinds of learning disabilities (dyslexia & dysgraphia) including children with Autism & ADHD and Down Syndromes. Taught Math, Physics and Computers. In our school he will be wearing many hats, utilizing his expertise acting as our Learning Support Teacher, assisting in classes’ Social Hour, with children’s psychology and computer science. 

Mr. Michael Uccello – Sport Teacher Grade 1-8 

 am Mr. Michael, a former semi-professional soccer player and I teach sports class at UMCA. 

I was a soccer goalkeeper for most of my life starting to play soccer at around the age of 3. My family was heavily into the sport as both my brothers are professional soccer player, one having played in Serie B, Italian League and my twin brother who plays for Toronto F.C. My background begins with two Ontario cup championships and one club national championship with K.N.S.C Lions, the first ever in their club history. After the youth dynasty with them, I was among the first wave of elite athletes to play for Toronto FC Academy and sign with them for 5 years where we would become runners-up in the Generation Adidas MLS Cup and take part in worldwide tournaments throughout the year from the United States to Germany to South Africa. Despite my success in the sport, professional contracts, and the multiple University scholarship offers in the United States I decided to quit the sport and focus on another career path.  

I hope my history in sports can teach the students at UMCA what it means to be on a team with each other and the importance of self-discipline both in game and in life. Ultimately, my expectation for each student is simply to participate, focus and make an effort during class. In sports, not only do you learn how to play a game but you learn how to see results. You learn how to become a master of your own body and mind, and better yet students can have fun doing it.  

Parent – Teacher Interviews  

This year, due to COVID-19, we are unable to have a face to face interviews. However, we believe it is important for parents to meet with their child’s teacher and get a report on their academic progress. Therefore, we will give you an option to sign up with the teachers you wish to speak with, on a specific time slot, for a zoom meeting. More information to follow. 

UMCA wishes you all a great weekend!