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 Established in 2003, UMCA Rich Tree Academy is a private school in Thornhill, Ontario that offers exceptional learning environments to students in JK- Grade 8, High School as well as an after school and a summer program. 
 What do you want most for your child? Wouldn’t you say ‘the best possible grounding for life? Meaning, the best possible education?
 At UMCA Rich Tree Academy, Child’s work is Child’s play.
 Small bodies are nurtured with educational play, music and exercise to stimulate their creative minds and make education a joyous, interactive experience.
 UMCA Rich Tree Academy teachers are committed and compassionate. Solid beginnings here lead to bright futures.

 At UMCA Rich Tree Academy, committed educators make learning continuously interesting for students and keep busy minds engaged. Students are nurtured with visual arts and exercise to stimulate their creative minds which promotes a joyous and interactive experience. 
 UMCA Rich Tree Academy teachers are especially passionate towards every student's learning goals and ultimate success in school and in life.
Our high school program is geared to students who are looking for solid, unique and personal university preparation. Study skills are emphasized by certified educators in small classes. Individual attention ensures high grade point averages, so that your child enters the university of their choice, fully prepared for the demands of academic life.


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