Elementary School Newsletter - November 7, 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

Parent – Teacher Interview

Please be reminded that next week, Friday, November 15th the school will run a parent teacher interview day. Our teachers will be available throughout the day to speak with each parent individually about the student and their academic achievements. Parents who didn’t book their time yet, please see Ms. Ariela at the front desk.

On this day attendance is optional as there will be no regular classes.

Public Skating

Please be reminded that tomorrow, Friday, November 8th, grades 1-7 are having Public Skating.

Don't forget to bring your skating equipment (we would like to remind you once again that bicycle's helmet is not sufficient and you need skating helmet, for your own safety). Don’t forget to bring gloves and snow pants.  Parents who want to volunteer and help our students dress up and skates are more than welcome to join.

“Train for Two” Play

Grades 3-10 enjoyed yesterday the amazing performance of the play “Train for Two” directed by Dan Petrenko, who is a former UMCA graduate.

Train for Two uses movement, music, and edge-of-the-seat dialogue to examine the power of choice in the context of the Holocaust and the post-war era. The play is an original piece, based on the true story of the director's (Dan Petrenko) family. Told through flashbacks to the past as well as a contemporary encounter between two strangers on a train, the narrative explores the extremes of human sacrifice in a state of crisis. Returning from the U.S. with a powerful cast, original music by composer Yan Shvartsman, and choreography by Veronika Bah, Train for Two is an emotional and thought-provoking journey through time.

UMCA wishes to thank Dan Petrenko for inviting us to this amazing play.

Drama/French Shows/English

Our students already started working hard on performances for the holiday season. Please mark your calendars on the following dates:

November 25 – Grade 3 perform at 4:00pm

November 28 – Grades 2 at 4:00pm

November 29 – Grade 1 at 4:00pm

December 5 – Grade 2 English Reading play at 4:00pm

Jack and the Bean-stock

Please note that on November 25 grades 1-2 will go to watch the paly Jack and the Bean-stock. Don’t forget to wear your UMCA blue hoodie.

Angela’s Deli – our Caterer

As most of you might know Angela’s Deli is our new school carter. Our students enjoy a variety of healthy and tasty food, just like at home. Tomorrow we will send the students home with a voucher which will give you a 5% off your cart when shopping at Angela’s Deli.

Upcoming Events

November 6 – Train for Two play for grades 3-7

November 8 – Public Skating

November 22 – Public Skating

November 25 – grades 1-2 Jack and the Bean-stock

November 25 – Grade 3 perform at 4:00pm

November 28 – Grades 2 at 4:00pm

November 29 – Grade 1 at 4:00pm

December 16 – Holiday Show at Star School for grades 1-2

December 16 – Dave and Busters for grades 3-10

December 23 – Christmas break

January 6, 2020 – First day of school after Christmas break

UMCA wishes you all a great weekend!