Elementary School Newsletter - October 10, 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

Long Weekend

Please note that this coming weekend is a long weekend due to Thanksgiving Holiday. The school will be closed on Monday October 14th.

Parents Teachers Interview

We would like to remind all parents that on Friday, November 15, parents-teachers interviews will take place (from 9:00am-12:00pm, and from 2:00pm-5:30pm, last parent no later than 5:30pm). This is a great opportunity for parents to come to school and speak with their child’s teacher and get a clear picture of their child’s academic achievements. To schedule your time, please sign up with Mrs. Ariela at the front desk. On this day attendance for elementary students is optional as there will be no regular classes.

Arriving to School on Time

Classes at UMCA start at 9:00am. We ask all students to arrive on time. Arriving late to a class interrupts the lesson, distract the students and the teacher’s attention, not to mention the information the student missed by being late. Students who arrive late will have to wait till the class ends and will not be allowed in the class.

Ms. Irina – Our Math Teacher

Ms. Irina is our Math teacher for grades 5-12 and this week she would like to share some words with you about her Math classes:

My name is Irina Grinev. I have been working for UMCA Rich Tree Academy as a math teacher for more than 10 years. I got my first degree in Russia; my teaching subjects were Math and Physics. Coming to Canada, I’ve graduated Trent University with a teacher’s license to teach in North America. 

When I teach, my goal is to allow students to think "outside the box", to solidify their mathematical understanding using practical applications. Instead of boring calculations it is important to show students interesting and creative business applications which directly relate to the subject we are covering.

I encourage students to learn and motivate them by using class discussions, open-ended questions, math journals, creative projects - overlapping different fields of study.  Using various projects as Escher Art, Fibonacci Spiral, the “War” between English and Math Subjects, “Dragon Den” Business Game and so on, I cannot miss any opportunity to make my classes interesting and exciting. I strongly believe that if kids love what they are doing, it leads them to success in the regular curriculum.

Also, I believe that each child is unique. Everyone needs a specific individual approach to achieve the expectations. I try my best to implement this in my classroom.

Realizing the value of education, I strive to install in my students a love for learning.

My students have to be very successful in their future career!

 Public Skating

UMCA Public Skating Session is a recreational activity that promotes one of the Canadian winter activities. Please be reminded that the next dates for Public Skating are: October 25th, November 8th and November 22nd. The students will go skating from 2:30pm-3:30pm. Don’t forget to bring your skating equipment. Make sure your helmet is for skating and not a bicycle one. Students without a helmet will not be allowed to skate. You can sharpen your skates in Canadian Tire. It is very cold in the ice rink so please send your child with gloves. As in last Friday Mrs. Suzana, Mr. Andrew and other teachers and parents will come to help and teach our younger students the basic skills and rules of skating. We are extremely glad that 90% of our student population is part of this extracurricular activity. We invite parents and high school students to volunteer supervising our younger students.

Halloween Party

Get ready to celebrate with us on October 31 the holiday all kids love – Halloween! We are preparing for the students a fun day with lots of fun activities. So come wearing your costume and let’s party! We will also take pictures of all the students with their costumes, so smile J

On this day please bring orange snacks like orange ice cream, orange fruits, carrots, orange pepper, dry orange fruits (no nuts). Don’t send your kids with candies. When you are choosing costumes please don’t choose any costumes with guns, swords or any weapon-like items.

Homework Preparation

As you know that homework is an essential part of school’s so the students could develop their skills in the subject and practice what they have learned in class. It is no secret that only those students who regularly do their homework accomplish great success in their studies.

Regrettably, some students are not taking their homework and online quizzes seriously as it is evident with their consistently incomplete homework in the class and missing or unfinished online quizzes. Please note that missing homework will make your child lag behind other students in the class and will result in bad marks in final report cards.

We would like to advise you to pay more attention to your child's homework. It is advisable to check the remarks of the teachers on homework sheets and folders on weekly basis. Your regular check of homework and online quizzes will help your child overcome the deficiencies in his or her studies. However, we ask you not to do the homework instead of your child. If he/she doesn’t understand the assignment he/she should approach the teacher for help. The final mark doesn’t take the homework mark into account. The homework mark is for you and the student to see where he/she stand.

Sending Sick Kids to School

With the change in weather we also experience increase in cold symptoms. For safety's sake, if your child seems unwell you should always keep them home from school and seek medical advice. Sending a sick child to school increases the chance of other kids and teachers get sick as well. Please be considerate of others health as well. If your child needs to take medication while in school, please bring the medicine in its original bottle and fill up the “drug and medication” record form. If your child is sick or absent, please let the school admin staff know by email, SMS or written note as soon as possible at 647-992-5380 (please use this phone for messages only – not calls).

Lost and Found Box

Our lost and found box is full of lost items. Please check if one of the items belongs to your child. Unclaimed items will be donated on the weekend, so please check the box ASAP.

Ms. Suzana Will Be Away October 11-16

Please note that Ms. Suzana will be away from October 11th till October 16th. On her absence, if you need assistance with school matters, or have any questions, please contact Ms. Ariela in the main office.

Upcoming Events

October 14 – Thanksgiving, school is closed

October 25 – Public Skating

October 31 – Halloween Party + Halloween Photos

November 8 – Public Skating

November 22 – Public Skating

December 23 – Christmas break

January 6, 2020 – First day of school after Christmas break

UMCA wishes you all a great weekend!