Elementary School Newsletter - October 3, 2019

Dear parents and students,

Yom Kippur – School is Closed

Please note that on this coming Wednesday our school will be closed due to the Jewish holiday – Yom Kippur. On Tuesday the school will be closed at 6:00pm, to allow our teachers get home on time to begin their fasting.

Thanks Giving – Long Weekend

Please be reminded that the next weekend is a long weekend due to Thanks Giving Holiday. The school will be closed on Monday October 14th.

Public Skating

Please mark your calendars with the following dates as we continue with our tradition of Friday 2pm – 3pm Public Skating for grades 1-7:

October 4
October 25
November 8
November 22

Our English Teacher – Mr. Jack

UMCA is happy to welcome Mr. Jack as our new English teacher for grade 7, and high school. Please read below a few words from Mr. Jack:

My name is Mr Jack and I am from England. Last year I travelled Australia where; I explored the beautiful cities of Melbourne and Sydney, went trekking through ancient rainforests, and even hiked through the desert outback. It was an unbelievable experience and I have memories that I will never forget. I enjoy travelling because you get to experience new cultures, traditions and ways of life. This is what brings me to the fantastic city of Toronto and UMCA! I have been able to experience the Canadian way of life - like having my first Tim Hortons and having chats about Ice Hockey.

This year Grade 7 will cover many interesting topics. They will learn about how authors create detailed and exciting characters, and how to make their own creative writing descriptively interesting. They will study why an interesting plot makes for an engaging book, and how they too can create fascinating stories that capture the readers’ attention!


I look forward to not only teaching Grade 7 but also an exciting year at UMCA!

Basketball Team

Congratulations to all those students (grades 3 to 7) who tried out for this year’s school basketball team. By now you should have received an e-mail indicating your acceptance on to the team. If by chance you were unable to make one of the two tryouts and would like to play on our school's junior basketball team, please e-mail Coach Segal or see him this Friday. Our intent was to run a boys and girls team but unfortunately, we didn't have enough interested girls.  

Our first practice will be held Friday Oct 4th at 8am and then continue every Monday and Wednesday at 8am.  Congratulations again to all who earned a spot on our school basketball team!

Sending Sick Kids to School

With the change in weather we also experience increase in cold symptoms. For safety's sake, if your child seems unwell you should always keep them home from school and seek medical advice. Sending a sick child to school increases the chance of other kids and teachers get sick as well. Please be considerate of others health. If your child is sick or absent, please let the school admin staff know by email, SMS or written note as soon as possible at 647-992-5380 (please use this phone for messages only – not calls).

Outdoor Activities and Clothing

Our children go out to breathe fresh air throughout the year. As the weather gets colder, we ask you to dress your children according to the weather. Please send them wearing layers so that if the weather gets warmer they can take a layer off. For the grades 1 and 2 we recommend to have in their lockers a labeled zip log bag with extra pair of clothes in case the ones they wear needs to be changed (especially once snow begins and sometimes their socks get wet).

Importance of wearing the UMCA T-shirt

We've noticed that some students are not bringing their UMCA T-shirt for sport class. Having the sport uniform in sport class is very important. Please make sure your child is dressed properly for sport class: has the UMCA T-shirt, wears sport shoes and sport pants. A student who forgets his/hers UMCA T-shirt will be given a new shirt and will be charged $10.

Pencil Case

We kindly ask you to support our students by making sure that their pencils and crayons are properly sharpened.

All students are asked to come to school well prepared with their school supplies (pencils, erasers, crayons, and glue stick) ready to be used.

We noticed that some of our grade one students do not have pencils either sharpened crayons which it takes time from the class to have them ready.

We advise you to take a look at their pencil case during the weekends and have them ready only with the supplies needed.

We also wish to remind you that toys/pokemon cards, fidget spinners etc. are not allowed in school.

Halloween Party

Get ready to celebrate with us on October 31 the holiday all kids love – Halloween! We are preparing for the students a fun day with lots of fun activities. So come wearing your costume and let’s party! We will also take pictures of all the students with their costumes, so smile J

Upcoming Events

October 4 – Public Skating

October 14 – Thanksgiving – School is closed

October 25 – Public Skating

October 31 – Halloween Party + Halloween Photos

November 8 – Public Skating

November 22 – Public Skating

December 23 – Christmas break

January 6, 2020 – First day of school after Christmas break

January 30-31 – Over-night trip to Blue Mountain – only for grade 7 and high school

UMCA wishes you all a great weekend!