UMCA Prom 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian/Student,
Prom is approaching quickly and the students at UMCA Rich Tree Academy are excited to be
celebrating this occasion with the graduating students of this year and next, on Thursday May 28th
2020 at Paradise Banquet Hall . The evening will begin at 6 pm and end at 12 am. Students will not be
permitted to re-enter the banquet hall if they leave during the course of the evening. The evening
events will include dinner, photos and dancing. The price is $50 if tickets are purchased by the end
of January, and $60 if purchased in February or later. Plus ones and past UMCA students are
As prom is a student event, we ask all students and attendees to acknowledge and sign the
code of conduct. All regular school rules and policies will be in effect during the prom.
The administration at UMCA has not organized nor do they sanction any before or after
prom activities/events. Events held before and during prom, all transportation have been externally
organized. The school’s management have not been involved in the planning and will not be
supervising or participating in the events. Therefore UMCA is NOT liable for your child and their
guest. By signing the form attached at the bottom, you acknowledge that your child is responsible for
his/her actions and must act appropriately at the event. They may not engage in irresponsible
behaviour, they will not participate in illegal activities. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited, this will be
a dry event, meaning alcohol consumption is not allowed.
Thank you for your support as we strive to make prom a positive experience for all students.
UMCA Student Council