Welcome Back to School!


Dear parents,

It is our pleasure to welcome our students back to school. We are happy to say that the UMCA community is growing and this year we are having many new students. We would like to extend a special welcome to the students and families who are new to our school. We hope you all had a refreshing summer so that you can return to school routine with lots of energy.

The first day of school is Tuesday September 3rd. The school (130 Racco Parkway) is open from 7:30am to 6:30pm. Classes start at 09:00am and last until 05:00pm. Please bring a backpack, a labeled water bottle and a pencil case. Please have sport’s shoes and sweatpants or shorts available for sport class.

Please review the following points to help you have an easy and smooth start:

1.       This year our school’s routine is:

09:00-09:500 – Lesson 1

09:50-10:00 – snack for grades 1 & 2

10:00-10:50 – Lesson 2

10:50-11:00 – snack for grades 3-7

11:00-12:00 – Lesson 3

12:00-01:00 – Lesson 4  /   12:00-12:30 -  outdoor for grades 1-2  / 12:30-01:00 – lunch for grades 1-2

01:00-02:00 – Lunch and outdoor for grades 3-7

02:00-03:00 – Lesson 5

03:00-04:00 – Lesson 6

04:00-5:00 – Lesson 7

05:00—6:00 – Homemade delicious snacks

06:30 – school is closed. Please pick up your child on time.

2.       We are happy to announce that this year lunch will be provided on every school day, Monday through Friday. Our food provider this year is Angela’s Deli. UMCA is a nut free facility so please avoid sending your child with any nuts/peanuts ingredients.

3.       Please send your child every day with a labelled water bottle. The bottles will be refilled with the fountain water as soon as they are emptied. We kindly ask you to label all your child’s belongings, including shirts, pants and even shoes if possible.

4.       Each student has a personal account on the UMCA website. Through this account you can see messages the teachers or other students sent, forum announcements, homework, grades, quizzes etc. The user name is the first letter of your name underscore and your last name all in lower case letters (for example if your name is John Smith your user name will be j_smith). The temporary password is Changeme#123).  If you don’t know how to log in, or if you’re facing any difficulty navigating your online account, please contact the office.

5.       To ensure your child’s success in school we strongly recommend conducting a healthy lifestyle in which the child gets sufficient sleeping hours, healthy meals and avoid spending time on electronic devices. This will help your child being alert and focused during classes and all school activities.

6.       Sport classes are compulsory classes that must be attendant by every student. All students are required to change into the sport uniform for the sport class. Sport uniform will be provided during the first week. Please keep 2 white UMCA t-shirts in your locker. All students must have sport shoes for sport class.

7.       All students must have access to a computer as all our communication as well as homework, quizzes, tests, and other working packages are posted on line.

8.       Occasionally, hard copies will be handed to students, however, please check the website diligently as homework will be posted on line.

9.       Each student will have a locker. Please make sure that your locker is ALWAYS clean and tidy and your backpack is well organised. Don’t keep food in the locker. Make sure you don’t leave food in the locker. Walking in school premises with outdoor shoes is strictly forbidden. Please make sure you have a pair of indoor shoes in your locker and a bag to put the outdoor shoes in.

10.   All grades have outdoor activities in their everyday schedules. It is mandatory that your child will participate in these activities. Please make sure he/she is dressed properly for the weather (hat, winter jacket, gloves, scarf, winter boots for winter, hat, sun screen in the summer).

11.   This studying year students will have great opportunities to take part in different trips. Please check the school events calendar to be aware of upcoming trips. Trips are considered to be a part of the curriculum and are required for all students. Students are asked to wear their UMCA sweatshirt for every school trip.

12.   All appointments with Ms. Suzana must be booked in advance. Please don’t drop by the office without a scheduled appointment.

13.   The Communication Book which will be located at the school entrance will be the platform on which you will be able to communicate with the school administration.

We are looking forward to seeing you on September 3rd and we wish you a successful and productive school year.


UMCA Administration