Extra Curriculum Activities

UMCA's Special Weekend Program from JK to Pre-University

 We know how busy parents are over the weekend, and we know that your child's education is the most important thing for you. But in our hectic and busy schedule it's hard to juggle all the errands, chores, and our children's education at the same time. We are very happy to announce our special Weekend program for our students grades 1-12. The weekend program is designed to expand the child's knowledge beyond what is taught in class. Help them develop their critical thinking by using a unique curriculum, world-class teaching, and experiential learning opportunities, all while exceeding current educational standards and promoting a social conscience. Yes, we know that UMCA's Curriculum is very rich, but the Weekend Program will take your child even beyond that. It will fuel students' curiosity and quest for knowledge, help students realize and maximize their potential, and so much more.  The program covers 3 subjects: French, Science and Math

 French – Are you dreaming of your child being bilingual? Canada recognized English and French as having equal status. Therefore being fluent in French in Canada can open many doors. This unique programme is a colorful, journey of fun, innovation, original content filled with: music, games, movies, sports, crafts, story time, circle time and excursions designed to promote communication in French. This prestigious program is run by amazing and experienced Francophone teachers. Activities such as creative writing, reading comprehension, spelling, conversational time and learning French songs/poems will give students great opportunity to improve their level of French. Music, videos or art are used in most of our programs and we will use powerful learning tools to keep the kids engaged. In this class only French will be spoken to your child.

 Math – This is a subject that most students fear. At UMCA, with our excellent teacher, Math becomes easy, logical, and solutions to problems will suddenly become obvious, as we give them the skills and tools to understand Math. Your child will love Math after taking it at UMCA.

 Science – this program allows students to have a hands-on experience with what we know and love as science. Every class will explore old and new concepts with interactive experiments done by every student. The class instructor is Vlad Rozhkovych, an UMCA Alumni, summer camp counselor, and currently a student at Ryerson University for Biomedical Engineering. He will also provide students with extra learning materials to better help students properly understand and learn from the lessons. Our lessons will be exploring concepts such as matter, particles, chemical reactions, the laws in physics, and much more.

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