UMCA’s History
Our Founders

UMCA Founder - Svetlana Pinsky

Svetlana Pinsky

UMCA Founder - Suzana Pinsky

Suzana Pinsky

UMCA Founder - Zarina Aksmanov

Zarina Aksmanov

Founded in 2003, UMCA is the product of passion and countless hours of hard work by Svetlana Pinski, Suzana Pinsky and Zarina Aksmanov, three best friends and mothers wanting to give their own children the best education and opportunities possible. They all firmly believed that there are no lazy or incapable children: just promising students who hadn’t yet been taught in a way that worked for them. Initially an informal Sunday school run out of their living rooms, UMCA has since grown into a full K-12 school that puts this belief of individualized education into practice for hundreds of students every day, realizing the ambitious dreams of these three inspiring women.

About UMCA

“No two children are alike – so why would we teach them all the same way?

At UMCA, we don’t approach school as a vehicle for curriculum. We believe wholeheartedly that we are shaping young lives, the thinkers and makers and creators of tomorrow, and that it is above all our responsibility to foster in each student who passes through these halls a sense of curiosity, innovation and belief in themselves. How you learn is just as important as what you learn, because it is the how that will encourage an appetite for knowledge, a desire to discover or create new things, and a willingness to be a lifelong learner.

We work with each student to develop education plans that suit their needs and interests. We don’t stamp out individuality for the sake of the group; we embrace it. We pride ourselves on developing an academic program that is both challenging and enjoyable, emphasizing to our students that learning is not something you must do, but something you get to do. Through a combination of in-class and extra-curricular activities, we support student development academically, socially and emotionally, while prioritizing empathy, integrity and excellence.”

UMCA Junior Kindergarten Vaughan Ontario

What We Offer

We provide our students with the invaluable opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace and in areas which are most meaningful to them. Through junior kindergarten to grade 12, our students benefit from attentive teachers, an enriched curriculum, and a diverse, caring community. We are offering in-person education in addition to virtual schooling.

We have recently moved to a new location, the Kimel Family Education Center. This location provides students with the finest quality schooling available. We have large, spacious classrooms at the center as well as a pool, gym, and a wide range of other dedicated facilities.

Our Policy

The UMCA Rich Tree Academy Academic Handbook is your reference guide to the school’s policies and procedures. It gives basic information about academic integrity, assessment and evaluation, attendance, course change procedures, and other situations you might encounter as a student at UMCA. Please read it carefully here.

Our Handbook

The UMCA Rich Tree Academy Handbook contains important information that pertain to many aspects of daily operations, regulations, conducts and student life as well as school policies and expectations. It is important for students and their parents and guardians to understand the expectations around the roles and responsibilities of students. For the 2022-2023 Student Handbook, please click here.

Our Team

Suzana Pinsky



Tetyana Khraplyva

JK Vice- Principal

Ronit Eli

SK Vice- Principal

Sara Mejia

Elementary Vice- Principal

Irina Grinev

High School Vice- Principal

Alina Pinsky

International Expansion

Irina Iliyassov

Financial Manager

Ariela Abramovich

Office Manager

Olga Fainer

High School Guidance Counselor

School Staff

Larisa Anin

School Staff

Liudmyla Zaitseva

School Staff

Vera Spivak

School Staff

Victor Gendel

School Staff

Elementary and High School Teachers

Alla Kartuzov

Russian Teacher

Arooj Farooqi

English Teacher

Daria Iaroslavtseva

Visual Arts Teacher

Dorian Kolinas

Drama and Health Teacher

Elena Ruzaeva

Russian Teacher

Ella Gutin

Math Teacher

Emmanuel Diatta

French Teacher

Galina Bajenova

Mathematics Teacher

Genadi Meilikhan

Physical Education Teacher

Glafira Marin

Art Teacher

Gurinder Kaur

Science Teacher

Jake Silburt

Issues in Canadian Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Drama, Marketing: Goods, Services, Events, Introduction to Anthro, Psych, Socio Teacher

Joanna Diamond

English Teacher

Joel Dimaano

Science Teacher

Luis Quionez

Spanish Teacher

Mark Vinitskiy

Geography-History Teacher

Melicia Hewitt

English Teacher

Michelle Ngo

Reading Teacher

Natalia Ananieva

Russian Teacher

Riddhi Adhyaru

Math and Science Teacher

Sam Webber

English Teacher

Tamila Motedayenaval

French Teacher

Violetta Kartuz

Reading and ESL Teacher

Yulia Shlykova

Phys Ed Teacher

Zahra Tabatabai

French Teacher

Preschool Teachers

Antonia Christie

English and Math Teacher

April Vendiola

English Teacher

Nataliia Havryliuk

Math Teacher

Olena Yani

Preschool Teacher

Roza Gioeva

Drama Teacher

Yelena Tumarkin

Music Teacher

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We welcome your child and you to take a tour of our school to experience first-hand the sense of community, the enthusiasm and involvement of our students in learning, and the dedication of our teaching team.

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