Earning Summer School High School Credits At UMCA

One of the many benefits of attending UMCA Rich Tree Academy is our focus on creating programs and courses that are highly engaging and create an interest in learning for all of our students. We also recognize that all children learn differently, so we offer our programs both online and in-person to accommodate busy schedules and learning preferences.

Students in our programs often choose to earn summer school high school credits in various subject areas. They can also choose to begin their 40 hours of community service and support in the summer before Grade 9. Volunteering at summer camp or tutoring are just a few of the ways to earn volunteer hours while helping others.

During these hours, students experience real-world applications of communication, leadership, and working to strengthen and support their community. These hours are an exceptional opportunity for students to experience the benefits of contributing to society in a meaningful and authentic way.

Course Offerings

UMCA Rich Tree Academy offers a wide range of summer credit courses for high school students. Students and parents can register online after reviewing the course offerings based on grade levels.

These summer credit courses for high school students include core academic areas such as mathematics and English and science courses, languages, business, technology, and other grade-specific required and elective topics. We also offer customized programs, just talk to our administration team, and we can develop a program for your child.

Students have regular interaction and personal feedback from instructors in our online and in-person summer credit courses for high school students. In addition, both delivery formats ensure small group size for personalized attention throughout the course of study.

In addition to summer school high school credits, the secondary students at UMCA in Vaughan, Ontario, can opt to take evening and weekend courses. We also offer specialized workshops and training to help our graduates prepare for post-secondary education success in Canadian colleges and universities.

If you have any questions about our summer credit programs for secondary students, please give us a call at 905-763-8622.

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We welcome your child and you to take a tour of our school to experience first-hand the sense of community, the enthusiasm and involvement of our students in learning, and the dedication of our teaching team.

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