Online Summer Courses For High School Students Near Vaughan, Ontario

The transition from secondary schools to university is a big step for both parents and students. Located in Vaughan, Ontario, UMCA Rich Tree Academy offers online summer courses for high school students, that are designed to make that step easier and less stressful for students and their families.

Our History of Supporting High School Students

As with all of our academic programs, our online summer high school courses, meet or exceed the standards set forth by the Ontario Ministry of Education provincial learning expectations. Our programs are designed to allow our students to gain the additional support and learning required to move easily into university and college-level courses. UMCA Rich Tree Academy is proud to have over 100 graduates from our private high school and our online summer high school courses have seen students go on to graduate from 15 different colleges and universities across Canada. Just a few of these prestigious universities include University of Toronto, Waterloo, Guelph, McMaster, and Laurier. The summer courses for high school students are designed to provide the insight and learning needed to fully prepare students for the rigorous coursework required at any college or university. Through these programs, students are set up to successfully tackle their upcoming semester and prep them for “Early Acceptance”. UMCA Rich Tree Academy graduates have a 99% placement rate to their university of choice. In addition, over 90% of these students apply for and receive an entrance scholarship to help offset the cost of post-secondary education.

Enhanced Success

Attending online summer high school courses prepares students by providing additional learning skills to have success in a post-secondary learning environment. Advance understanding of the specific skills needed to succeed in large classes and with challenging academic requirements is invaluable for students in making the transition to college and university classes.

Additional information about our online summer courses for high school students near Vaughan, Ontario, is available throughout our website, or give us a call at 905-763-8622.

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