Ontario Secondary School Graduation Requirements

Students must earn the following compulsory credits to obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma:
  • 4 Credits In English (1 Credit Per Grade)

  • 3 Credits In Mathematics (1 Credit In Grade 11 Or 12)

  • 2 Credits In Science

  • 1 Credit In Canadian History

  • 1 Credit In Canadian Geography

  • 1 Credit In The Arts

  • 1 Credit In Health And Physical Education

  • 1 Credit In French As A Second Language

  • 0.5 Credit In Career Studies

  • 0.5 Credit In Civics

Plus, one credit from each of the following groups:

12 optional credits

  • The 12 optional credits may include up to 4 credits earned through approved dual credit courses.
  • A maximum of 3 credits in English as a Second Language (ESL) or English Literacy Development (ELD) may be counted towards the 4 compulsory credits in English, but the fourth must be a credit earned for a Grade 12 compulsory English course.
  • In groups 1, 2, and 3, a maximum of 2 credits in French as a Second Language can count as compulsory credits, one from group 1 and one
  • A maximum of 2 credits in Cooperative Education can count as compulsory credits.

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At UMCA we have over 250 graduates that have gained admission to the most exclusive university programs in the province and country. Our reputation with the universities, as verified by the Ministry inspectors are very high. The school’s 17 years of history and growing student population is a testament to the values and principles that have cultivated nearly a generation of students to academic and professional studies.

Through our innovative curriculum design, we are able to empower our graduates to be successful as they pursue post-secondary education. 99% of our graduated gain admission into their program of choice, and over 90% receive entrance scholarship. We have a proven track record of ensuring a quality educational experience.

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